“Dear ACS: There are many things I want to share, so I'm just going to list them as I think of them.

  1. I am so grateful that you agreed to let me pay you monthly so that I could call you whenever I have a computer problem….day or night…weekends and holidays! What a gift! Now I don't have to wait and stop working. I can get a solution to my problem almost immediately. I appreciate also the fact that I never feel like a dummy when I call and ask my questions, even though I know they are very simple one. Still, if my computer isn't cooperating with me, and I'm trying to work on a project, I get very frustrated if I can't solve the problem myself, and it is very annoying to have to wait until I can get it to a store, or wait days to get it fixed…So, having you ‘on retainer’ is worth every penny!
  2. I love my website! I appreciate that I can give you a list of things I want to add, or delete, and you understand what it is I'm requesting, and if you don't, you have the ability to be patient enough to keep on asking until you do; then you do it quickly.
  3. I also particularly appreciate that you always are open to making sure that I ‘like’ the changes, after you've made them, even though it was I who requested them.
  4. Your patience in teaching me how to navigate on my new computer is another ‘gift’, because I know I am a ‘slow learner’, and yet you never ever complain. You just explain it again, and again, until I understand. What a blessing! Thank you ..thank you..thank you. You are so patient with me, if I don't.
  5. Thank you also for offering to help me purchase my new computer; it made it so much easier to have your suggestions and your computer knowledge.
  6. I appreciate it that I can email you with any questionable emails I receive, too. And that you always answer me, letting me know if it is spam or not, and why. I appreciate all the time and effort you give to me, with all of my computer needs…big or small problems..big or small questions..You are always there for me whenever I call.
  7. I love the fact that you can work on my computer remotely, if you cannot come to my home.”

— Rosemary Harrington, MA

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