ACS offers a multitude of solutions for your home or office needs. Is your computer crashing, or even blue screening? No problem! Are you suffering from loss of internet access, or network connectivity issues?  These are easy things for our technicians to handle for you.  We even offer same day, on-site service at NO additional cost to you! 
Maybe you don't have your own geek team waiting in the shadows for every computer issue that arises.  We want you to know, that’s ok! We easily accommodate with discounted rates for contractual work.  Why not let us be your own in-house IT department?  We can help you set up regular visits on a schedule you decide at a discounted rate!
All services are available from the shop location, as well as on-site!

Virus and Spyware Removal – This isn’t the same service you’ll receive from any of our “other” competitors who shall remain nameless.  As technicians from these various outlets will attest to, out of customer earshot, this amounts to little more than “scamming.”  Simply put, pay a large sum of money for virus, spyware, and trojan removal, and once you get your machine back, guess what? It’s STILL infected!  These companies are more concerned with profits than results.  That is NOT the standard we set forth here at ACS.  Simply put, if your machine needs to be cleaned out, we WILL have it clean, 100%, or YOUR MONEY BACK.  No scams, no gimmicks, just results.

Remote Technical Support - ACS can fix you computer without your machine leaving your home or office, we use state-of-the-art software that enables us to connect to your machine over the internet saving you time and money!

Complete System Optimization – Let’s be honest. Your machine loses that “speedy performance” that it had when you first bought it, and only seems to go slower as time wears on.  Unfortunately, your system will unavoidably experience this eventually.  But don’t get a new machine and do what the big corporations want!  Using our specialized software, we can bring that machine back to life, and have it running FASTER than it was when you bought it!  Some of the services we do include: 

  • A deep defrag, organization, and optimization of your hard disk (the piece of the computer that stores data).
  • Latest software driver updates and Windows Operating System updates.
  • Complete Three-Way Registry-Cleaning and Defrag (NO other computer repair company DARES to clean out your registry out of fear! We will clean out your Windows registry in detail and remove errors, crashes, and speed up your computer DRAMATICALLY).
  • Unit Immunization (Prevent Firefox and Internet Explorer from Even Exposing You to Malicious Software in the First Place!).
  • Optimize System Response time and increase boot time performance.

Networking Troubleshooting and Setup – Don’t worry yourself over the headaches associated with setting up a home or office network.  Wired? Wireless?  Regardless, we can help!

Internet/Network Security and Parental Controls – Does the idea of your neighbor using your internet connection, even for possibly illegal activities, have you nervous at all? If you want to secure your network, give us a call!  We’ll set your network up so NO third–party will have unauthorized access to your internet.  If you have children you’d like to protect from illicit material, we can also set up parental controls for you.

Web Site Design – In need of a slick, professional website? No problem! Our team of website designers will have you generating traffic in no time.

Hardware - Troubleshooting and Repair/Replacement – Is your computer acting erratic due to potential hardware failure? Not sure if it’s time to replace your power supply, hard drive, RAM(memory), or some other PC component? Bring your machine in and let us make the diagnosis for you with our state of the art software!  Nine times out of ten it is usually MUCH more cost efficient to replace faulty hardware components than spend money on a new machine.

Software – Not sure what the best software is for your needs? Need some tips? Don’t be a stranger. Call us and ask!

Disaster Recovery – Accidentally deleted precious documents, pictures, or other files? Not to worry! We use exclusive software that has the high potential to recover your lost artifacts.

Your service not listed? Give us a call and receive a free quote!
There is nothing we can’t and won’t do.

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